Gyan Sudha – 5

Author - Rajit Ram Tiwari

ISBN - 978-93-92137-30-3

Price - Rs. 250.00 

Aim :

To understand and comprehend the Hindi language and use it in an effective manner

Preface :

‘Gyan Sudha’, the Hindi series for Classes 1 – 8 is designed to enable the students to gain proficiency in the Hindi language. The series has a well picked collection of stories, poems, essays, and biographies. The book series is made in accordance with the NCERT guidelines.


The main features of this series are :

  • The English meanings have been provided for the difficult words in each chapter. 
  • The exercises created for each chapter help enhance the learning process for each student.
  • The chapters flow in an easy to understand form, along with ample illustrations.
  • The grammar section in each chapter helps the student learn the language in a holistic manner, which is further exemplified by the creative section at the end of each chapter which helps in the application of the learning.

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